Shop Update 01.04.16

This week’s update is all about 4ply British wool and nylon.

There are lots of multicoloured yarns.

 photo IMG_3754_zpsspchw6fg.jpg

Baby Rainbow
 photo IMG_3755_zpszi3ullgz.jpg

Stone Wall

 photo IMG_3756_zpsaqfu9mnh.jpg

Purple Haze

 photo IMG_3757_zpscrly8yxc.jpg


 photo IMG_3758_zps7erkqdg8.jpg

Turkish Carpet

 photo IMG_3759_zpsjo2ochg2.jpg

Lavender Field

 photo IMG_3760_zps4iurodst.jpg

Pretty In Pink

 photo IMG_3761_zpsgr1s5qe0.jpg

Fairy Dust

 photo IMG_3762_zpsdmtsy5xs.jpg

Your Other National Drink

 photo IMG_3763_zpszgwupr4s.jpg

Deck Chair

 photo IMG_3765_zpseltuwk4j.jpg

Stormy Sky

 photo IMG_3766_zpsy2gs0xpc.jpg


 photo IMG_3767_zpsncodyeoe.jpg

Walnut Tree

 photo IMG_3768_zpsj6hnxitc.jpg

Blue, Blue, Electric Blue

 photo IMG_3769_zpsvvt2yd4s.jpg

Scooby Doo

 photo IMG_3770_zpst55mg3my.jpg

Frosted Peach

 photo IMG_3771_zps1c2gklom.jpg

Paint Pot

 photo IMG_3772_zps1edf9ode.jpg


 photo IMG_3773_zpsxkhmny6z.jpg

Silver Lining

We’ll also be adding a few more scrap balls to the shop, and I’ll get them photographed as soon as we finish winding them.

During the week we added lots of semi solid sock and Britsock to the shop. In case you missed that post we also let you know that from 5th April we’ll be VAT registered, and that means price increases. So if there’s something you have you eye on now would be a great time to snap it up.

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The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 1st April

Happy shopping


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2 Responses to Shop Update 01.04.16

  1. Sharon says:

    Congratulations on growing your business so much that you now have to register for VAT. Shame about the price increases though!

    • Thank you – and I agree about the price rise but it falls under the category of necessary evil. Once it’s all updated we’ll make a bit less profit per skein and some customers will pay a bit more – but I have to hope that the extra tax we’ll be paying will be spend on something useful.

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