Screen Printed Fat Quarters

As well as launching a stunning new yarn at Edinburgh Yarn Festival we’ll also have something for knitters who also like to sew.

Screen Printed Fat Quarters.

To start with there will be four different prints.


Two variations of stocking stitch.


Two variations of garter stitch.

The designs are printed onto Kona Cotton, so I had lots of choice when it came to colour.


There are also lots of perfect neutrals.


Each print is 20 inches x 16 inches, so there’s a border of plain fabric round the edge. Each fat quarter will cost £8. Printing is done with water based inks which are approved by the Soil Association, and each print is heat set to ensure it maintains it’s good looks.

Those of you who follow us on Instagram might already have seen a couple of bags made by my lovely and talented friend ScullyWully. I can’t work out how to put the photo into the blog – so pop over to Instagram and have a look.

So with just over a week until we head north I’ve got a fair bit of labelling to do!

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3 Responses to Screen Printed Fat Quarters

  1. Blithespirit says:

    oh my! I’ve been collecting various knitting and sheepy prints to do a quilt someday and now you’ve just turned my stash world upside down. These are fabulous. I’m in big trouble – I was already going to blow the yarn budget, and now look what you’ve done!

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