March Club Roundup

By now everyone should have received their March club parcels.

So time for a round up of the yarns.

The Golden Yorkshire club members got a hard to photo yarn.

mar yellow added violet

Rachel Coopey designed the pattern for this club. Here’s Dalez

mar yellow dalez

Golden Yorkshire club members also got a recipe from Rachel Atkinson aka My Life In Knitwear.  The recipe will appear on Rachel’s blog in June, so for now I’ll simply tell you that it involves pastry and it’s delicious.

The Blue Skies club members got a violet blue yarn.

mar blue added violet

In some lights it looks a rich chocolate brown, in others much more plum.

Clare Devine designed the club pattern. Here’s Langit

mar blue langit

The bold Discworld colour was Reg Shoe

mar discworld 2 reg shoe

The 4 colour Discworld yarn was The Dark Morris.

mar discworld 4 the dark morris

I’ve managed to get a sock and a half knitted.


Finally there were the mini skeins.

First the bit of yellow clubs.

mar ss yellow

mar multi yello



Then the bit of blue clubs

mar ss blue

mar multi blue



You can sign up for the May clubs here.

The mini skein club is sold out, but if any club members don’t want the May club we’ll add these to the shop on 1st April.

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