Shop Update 04.03.16

This week’s update is all about bundles of colour in the form of Take Five sets.

Take five sets give you 5 x 20 grams of yarn – so 100 grams and 400 meters in total. If you love the colour being able to play with colour and decide what goes where these sets are perfect for you.

As well as offering these sets in 4ply Britsock, we’re also making them available in our 4ply British wool and nylon. The 400 meter length means there’s lots of scope for colourful socks, a striped shawl, a colour work yoke or a glorious hat.

First the Britsock sets

 photo IMG_3432_zps4l4af1a8.jpg


 photo IMG_3433_zpsggpytywb.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_3434_zpscsymwdcc.jpg


 photo IMG_3435_zpse67rvufa.jpg


 photo IMG_3436_zpsjuksnagg.jpg


 photo IMG_3439_zpsyiui5fgq.jpg


 photo IMG_3437_zpstj71bjtp.jpg

Shades of Charcoal

 photo IMG_3438_zpsl5dgj1eh.jpg

Shades of Turquoise

Then the 4ply British wool and nylon

 photo IMG_3446_zpsovipptem.jpg


 photo IMG_3440_zpsrpuzna0z.jpg

Violet Meadow

 photo IMG_3444_zpslzmz76sg.jpg


 photo IMG_3443_zpsibporftd.jpg


 photo IMG_3441_zpsax4mebpp.jpg


 photo IMG_3442_zpst8gnf9yx.jpg


 photo IMG_3445_zpsrxjucgcg.jpg

Shades of Turquoise

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The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 4th March

Happy shopping


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5 Responses to Shop Update 04.03.16

  1. Caz says:

    Do you mean Friday the 4th or Saturday the 5th?,, Might be stalking your shop! 😉

  2. Lynn Welborn says:

    Hi Joy,I would love some of these 5-color sets and wondered if you sell them using non nylon yarn.   I make shawls so I don’t really need the nylon as you would with socks. Thanks and let me know, Lynn

  3. Marian says:

    How do I order the sari, bramble and unicorn take five sets in briitsock sets?

    What time is the update in us? Central standard time?

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