Introducing Our Latest Yarn

It seems a long time since Yarndale when I chatted to Lara at the Natural Fibre Company (part of Blacker Yarns) about spinning up a new yarn for us.

Lara spent a lot of time discussing different options with me.

The yarn had to be spun from fleece grown in the UK.

We also wanted something a bit different – a yarn with character rather than yet another generic merino blend.

What we really wanted for a yarn which would work beautifully for garments as well as accessories.

What we ended up with was even better than I’d hoped.


Our new yarn is a blend of 85% UK Wensleydale and 15% UK Shetland.

Each 100 gram skein is approximately 400 meters long and will cost £18.50



This is a yarn with masses of character. It’s been spun with a high twist, so it’s designed to wear well.


My acid test for the ‘itch’ potential of any new yarn is Bobbie – and this met with her approval. So although it’s not the softest yarn you’re going to meet it’s one that would be comfortable to have next to your skin.


Although we didn’t set out to create a sock yarn the high twist means this will stand up to plenty of wear. Stitch patterns are going to stand out beautifully too.


At the moment I’m working on a Humbolt sweater by Anna Maltz – and I’m loving the fabric this yarn produces.


The yarn will make it’s debut at Edinburgh Yarn Festival on 18th and 19th of March, and will be in the shop from Friday 25th March.

all colours 600px

We’ll have 18 colours available.

What’s your favourite?

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8 Responses to Introducing Our Latest Yarn

  1. All the colours are gorgeous!

  2. Sheryl C says:

    Beautiful. Will it be available by mail order?

  3. Uumm, all of them, but I do love that charcoal in the second to last photo.

  4. Sara says:

    Think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I’ve been waiting for ages for a Natural Fibre yarn to get an indie dyer treatment, this looks fantastic. My favourite is the plum colour but they are all gorgeous.

  5. Sarah Hughes says:

    Look at that shine!
    Nice one Joy (& Bobbie of course)
    ♥ S ♥

  6. Sarah Jeffs says:

    Love the three greys with either the plum in the front or with the middle purple in the left back of photo. Perfect.

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