March Clubs

The UK parcels for the March clubs will be posted today.


Clubs for Europe left last Friday and those with furthest to travel were posted on Wednesday 24th February.

Although it never works out perfectly, that should mean that all of the clubs arrive within a couple of days of each other.

Patterns will be emailed on 1st March – and I’m already drooling over the recipe for the Golden Yorkshire Club.

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One Response to March Clubs

  1. Sharon says:

    Dear Joy,
    just received the March instalment of the Blue Skies Club – what a beautiful blue yarn! I shall enjoy knitting it up. I’m sure my sister, who is really into those shades of blue, will enjoy wearing the socks.
    In fact I’m considering stash diving for a toning yarn to make the toes, heels and cuffs so that, maybe, I could have a pair in the same blue. I often do this with more expensive yarns. Not that I currently need more socks.

    Again, thank you, Sharon

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