Instagram Favourites

A little while ago I posted a list of my favourite blogs and podcasts.

For a quicker catch up on what’s going on I love Instagram – you’ll find me there as theknittinggoddess

Here are some of my favourite crafty people to follow

woollywormhead – hat designer, photographer and lives with my favourite internet cat Princess Fi

brityarn – I love the pictures which Isla posts showing what’s been ordered from her shop

coopknits – lots of lovely images including some splendid socks

kariebrookish – lovely knitwear and gorgeous shots of tenement tiles which make me want to get the dye post out

craftsfromthecwtch – general crafting awesomeness

knit_british – knitting, british yarns and general loveliness

knittingtastic – gorgeous knitted and crochet makes, plus random treasures and amazing bits of London

clare.devine – beautiful photos, gorgeous knits – although all of the sunshine might make you a tad jealous

sweaterspotter – more great photos including a hilarious and brilliant series of yarns matched with cars

Scullywully- beautifully knits, and the occasional monkey

Which crafty people inspire you in Instagram?

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