And The Winner Is………

Thank you to everyone who entered the print bag giveaway – I’ve loved reading your comments.

There could only be one winner.

Here’s A Tangled Yarn

“the best mistake I’ve ever made was not swatching. I had this lacy hat pattern I JUST HAD TO KNIT and the perfect yarn to boot. I cast on right away and my fingers just flew! I got done and the thing was gorgeous….but duh du duhhhhh, it didn’t fit. It was too small for my giant head because I didn’t check gauge or measurements. I took it to work to show a knitting friend and it sort of just lived on my desk for awhile. The intern used to stop and pet it every time she brought mail. One day I asked if she would like it and she said she couldn’t take something so lovely for free. I said of course you can and sent her packing with the hat in hand. Her smile made my day and I didn’t give it another thought. A few weeks later I found out through a coworker than the intern had just been dumped by her long time boyfriend and the first smile she had in weeks came when she was showing off her new hat. My heart grew two sizes ❤️”

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One Response to And The Winner Is………

  1. I loved her post too. Glad she won x

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