Shop Update 12.02.16

This week’s update is all about something new – scrap balls.
 photo IMG_3044_zpsacnurfzs.jpg

Last week I blogged about making odd socks, and was quickly asked about selling the yarn for these.

 photo IMG_3233_zps1evd3s1c.jpg

I suspect these might be a one off – they’re fiddly and time consuming to make, although it’s been great fun putting the colours together.

 photo IMG_3234_zpsiupr3tmk.jpg

Given this, I’ll be adding the scrap balls to the sale section of the shop – and that means that all of the proceeds from then will go to Shelter. Each scrap ball will cost £15.

 photo IMG_3236_zpslwaitcus.jpg

The scrap balls are made from our British wool and nylon yarn which has 400m to 100g.

 photo IMG_3235_zpsmykem5vt.jpg

Each scrap ball will weigh at least 95 grams, and will contain at least 15 colours (probably more). The different colours are knotted together and there will be between 1 and 8 grams of each colour.

 photo IMG_3237_zpsc6f81ytj.jpg

Each scrap ball will be unique – even if they contain the same colours the proportions and order of the colour will be different.

 photo IMG_3238_zpseooylqk4.jpg

You’ll be able to browse the  full scrap ball selection from 1800 on Friday  12th January, then buy from 1900.

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The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 12th February.

Happy shopping





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