Print – and a Giveaway.

Anyone who follows me on instagram (I’m theknittinggoddess) will have seen lots of pictures of screen prints last Thursday.

I was at college, and given a huge range of coloured ink to play with I decided I’d like to play with stacking skeins.

Here’s what I was aiming for.


These panels will be turned into zip pouches and will be in the shop in a couple of weeks time.

It took me a few goes to get everything lined up perfectly.

I loved a couple of the panels which went a little wrong, so I’ve turned them into a zip pouch.


The pouch is made with heavy cotton canvas .

Measurements are

length along the zip 32cm

length along the base 25cm

height 20cm

width at base 8cm

If you’d like to win this bag, leave me a comment telling me about the the best mistake you ever made. Comments are moderated, so it might take  while for your comment to show up.

I’ll choose my favourite next Wednesday at 1800.

I’m happy to post the prize anywhere in the world.

Probably obvious, but there’s no alternative prize and my decision is final.






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19 Responses to Print – and a Giveaway.

  1. Stephanie says:

    Gosh those look great don’t they? My best mistake? My son who was completely unplanned and has turned out to be such a joy.

  2. Linda C says:

    I have the same best mistake as the commenter above. I had my daughter at 19 years old and now I have a beautiful grandson to boot.

    Cute bag!!!

  3. The best mistake I’ve ever made was not swatching. I had this lacy hat pattern I JUST HAD TO KNIT and the perfect yarn to boot. I cast on right away and my fingers just flew! I got done and the thing was gorgeous….but duh du duhhhhh, it didn’t fit. It was too small for my giant head because I didn’t check gauge or measurements. I took it to work to show a knitting friend and it sort of just lived on my desk for awhile. The intern used to stop and pet it every time she brought mail. One day I asked if she would like it and she said she couldn’t take something so lovely for free. I said of course you can and sent her packing with the hat in hand. Her smile made my day and I didn’t give it another thought. A few weeks later I found out through a coworker than the intern had just been dumped by her long time boyfriend and the first smile she had in weeks came when she was showing off her new hat. My heart grew two sizes ❤️

  4. Jennifer Smith says:

    My best mistake was my first fair isle project I knitted a beret which I managed to stretch out of shape whilst blocking it so I put it on a hot wash to felt it and it now sits on my teddy bear I inherited from my mum who taught me how to knit& would be very proud I taught myself how to knit fair isle 😃 stunning looking bag 😃 xx

  5. Caz says:

    My best mistake, or a ‘happy accident’, is also the same as the first two commenters! My lovely son was born when I was 19,,,

  6. Sarah says:

    Not sure it’s a best mistake but it amused me lol I knit my son (then aged 2 or 3) my first colour work hat, totally adorable little foxes n he loved it…sadly I accidentally put the wool hat in the wash n it not only felted n shrunk but pulled in due to bad tension in the colour work section…he still insisted on wearing it perched on his head about the house for a while lol it looked ridiculous but very cute n I loved how much he liked me making it for him 🙂 though he didn’t appreciate the remade one in machine washable wool/acrylic lo

  7. Kate says:

    I would also like to say that the best mistake I ever made was my daughter – she’s 8 now, and was completely unplanned. She is also responsible for my yarn addiction as when I had her I needed a complete lifestyle change and a new interest, I tried knitting and am now completely obsessed!

  8. My best mistake was putting a wedding cake on the car roof….drove out the car park and realized…it may had been in one piece hadi not slammed on the brakes when I realized my mistake. One flatten wedding cake landed on the car bonnet….oops. Thankfully I don’t eat wedding cake lol and cup cakes taste far nicer

  9. knittingmayhem says:

    My BEST mistake was going to the wrong student party 40 years ago and meeting my husband! The best knitting mistake was my first pair of socks – I messed up and (being a thrawn Scot) was determined not to let it beat me, so tried again and have now knitted LOADS!!

  10. Jules says:

    My best knitting mistake was not swatching a couple of shapeless, ill fitting cardigans later…. My best not knitting mistake are my two (darling!) children both of which were unplanned!

  11. André says:

    My best mistake was putting 10 lemons into a chicken casserole instead of one lemon. I refused to wear glasses at the time so misread the recipe, needless to say it came out looking and smelling like nothing on earth except for the overwhelming lemon wiff…I was so tempted to serve it liquidised with ice-cream as a dessert (Jamie Oliver eat your heart out). We had take-away for eight people yum yum!!!!

  12. corvia says:

    Aside from my daughter (unplanned etc as so many comments above!) my best mistake was when my children were small and we lived in a small flat in London. Going out one day we saw about 5 burly street cleaners standing round a cardboard box, shaking their heads and muttering comments like “I’d string ’em up!” and “If I find out who did this I’ll…”. My first mistake was going over to see what the fuss was about and finding out that they’d discovered a tiny black and white kitten abandoned in the box, which had been sealed. My second mistake was agreeing to take the kitten inside “temporarily” as the street cleaners clearly had no way to look after him or take him anywhere, and my third was to leave it to daddy to say we couldn’t keep him (we already had 3 cats!). Daddy (as I should have known) was a big softie at heart and said “Of course we must keep him!”. Tom Kitten (named by my daughter) grew up to be the most affectionate, cuddlesome, friendly cat you could imagine who was our loving companion for 17 years!

  13. Diane Pyle says:

    When my nephew was 2 years old I knit him an adorable red sweater. One big problem. I didn’t realize how big kids heads are. He tried and tried to pull it on and it was way too small. He is now 30 years old and hasn’t let me forget about it yet!

  14. asteride says:

    My best mistake was to surrender to my daughters’ request of a dog. I didn’t want to have a dog because I already suffered the loss a wonderful companion. But in the end, when they say “And I will feed the puppy” “And I will walk him around” “And I will clean up after him”…..I surrendered. Now I walk the dog, I feed him and I clean up, and he is wonderful and only gives me pure love.

  15. Heather says:

    My biggest mistake was getting a new cat and kitten from the cat’s protection for my son when his cat went missing.Our original cat came back which was wonderful ,however he he was not impressed by the new occupants. The cats have turned out to be a real pleasure for everyone in the family. Our sons have left home and we have 3 cats for company. Our original cat still tolerates the other 2. !.

  16. Kate says:

    I sense a theme here. Again like many others, I had my first child at 19 but I go with ‘surprise’ rather than mistake. 23 years later and she still lights up my world 🙂

  17. JoAnne says:

    My best mistake ever was sending a letter to my best friend in the US (pre – email!) and bizarrely writing her parents’ address by mistake. Her younger sister (very naughtily!) opened the letter, which said that, due to a recent bereavement, we had decided to have a small wedding right away, instead of waiting until the following year. The result of the mistake was that the letter was opened in time for my best friend to be at our wedding… which could not have happened if I’d sent it to the right address, because she was already out of the country. It was the best wedding gift ever to have her there.

  18. Rachel says:

    My best mistake was moving our life to a different country, Italy. Although, we ended up not being able to finish our dream house and live there permanently we had an amazing life experience over eight years. My husband and I got to spend every day working together. We met new people, ate fantastic food, enjoyed the local colour and beautiful scenery.

  19. Irene says:

    I bought some fabric online which when it arrived looked very different to how I thought it would look but, it turned out to suit me really well. It was a shade/colour I would not normally have chosen. I am a bit hooked on Lime green now :0)

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