A Few Photos

Signing up for a photography class with Alex Gaites at Leeds College of Art has seen me doing some crazy things.

Just over a week ago a group of us ended up standing on a soggy bit of grass, aiming cameras down onto a stretch of motorway.


To learn about shutter speeds, and what happens when you combine a fast moving object with a slow shutter speed. And to provide lots of entertainment to members of the public.




I love the ghostly look of the white car in this photo.

After that excitement we returned to college and were let loose in the photography studio to find out about painting with light. Or prancing about in the dark while holding bicycle lights.


There’s a person in that photo – just a well hidden person. I think I could have masses of fun with this, and I’m planning to borrow a smallish child who I think will be equally entertained by the idea.

Feeling in need of a little practise time. we headed off to Harlow Carr on Friday. Let’s just say it was very windy, which gave me the chance to try taking photos with longer exposures and seeing what happened.




Not perfect by a long way – but loads of fun. There was cake afterwards in Betty’s, but it moved too fast for any evidence to be captured on camera.



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