January Knitting

My January knitting has been all about warmth.


Two pairs of socks for Bobbie in the Discworld colours, Carborumdum (on the left) and Vetinari. There are only a few days left to sign up for the March clubs.

Then two things for me.


The first is a very basic boxy jumper, knitted to fill a gap left in my wardrobe. I finished this just before the end of last year, but actually sewed in the ends on New Year’s Day.


Knitted in two colours of Britsock I love the clash of the two opposing colours, and it’s the perfect way to add a splash of colour to an overcast day.

Garment two couldn’t be more different. This is Aptenodytes by Kristin Blom and Anna Maltz from Penguin.

penguin book cover



Again it’s knitted in Britsock, and it’s destined to be something which gets a lot of wear. I love clothes which feel comfy and cosy but which also to make everything look pulled together. I’m already planning another of these in two colours.



The  roll collar is gorgeous.


Close up of the stitch pattern.

On the needles right now I have socks for Bobbie – but I’m itching to cast on another sweater.


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