Sewing. Well Almost…..

One of the things I wanted to achieve in 2016 was to make more clothes. I’ve been doing lots of sewing as I’ve made felt project bags, but it’s been a while since I sewed anything that could be worn.

My fabric stash has reached the point that I suspect I could pass it off as a collection of some importance. Or the collection of someone who keeps forgetting that she already owns quite a bit of charcoal jersey and doesn’t really need another 3 meters of the stuff.

So a couple of weekends ago I found a pattern that I loved.

Vogue 9162


The shirt is the closest thing I’ve found to a bought one that I’ve pretty much worn to death.

The pieces are all cut out.

The markings are all transferred.

So now all I need to do is sew it all together.

But it’s progress.

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2 Responses to Sewing. Well Almost…..

  1. Freyalyn says:

    OK, where do you find nice charcoal jersey?

    • I’ve had bamboo jersey from Fine Fabrics in Harrogate – it’s quite lightweight with great drape. At least 2 lots came from Ditto in Brighton. The other place I’ve found good jersey is Fabworks in Dewsbury. You do need to go and look as there’s some synthetic stuff which wasn’t what I wanted, but I’ve found both fleece backed and loop backed jersey there. My last fabric was from Cloth House on Berwick Street in London – it’s a double layer linked by one stitch every inch or so. I bought it to make a draped cardigan, but I’m too scared to cut into it…..

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