Shop Update 15.01.16

There are lots of new colours in this week’s update. We’ve had lots of misty weather here in Yorkshire, and it’s inspired lots of beautifully soft colours.

First up 4ply British wool and nylon

 photo IMG_2509_zpsrnmaq5jr.jpg


 photo IMG_2510_zpshgn25lmn.jpg

Caramel Violet

 photo IMG_2511_zpsezrhwn6c.jpg

Mocha Swirl

 photo IMG_2512_zpspfqcuomn.jpg


 photo IMG_2513_zpsdm1fkkqt.jpg

Frosty Sky

 photo IMG_2514_zps1y0nd98k.jpg

Iced Bramble

 photo IMG_2515_zps6iyt7kzu.jpg

Winter Meadow

 photo IMG_2516_zpsft5k9bip.jpg

Frosted Peach

Then Britsock

 photo IMG_2517_zpshxljkjgx.jpg


 photo IMG_2518_zps5grxg2y3.jpg

Caramel Violet

 photo IMG_2519_zps9ractykf.jpg

Mocha Swirl

 photo IMG_2520_zpsng2wk9bl.jpg


 photo IMG_2521_zpsc4ruuzri.jpg

Frosty Sky

 photo IMG_2522_zpsq19oakmn.jpg

Iced Bramble

 photo IMG_2523_zpsnq2q9nxp.jpg

Winter Meadow

 photo IMG_2524_zpsfkcmd3xd.jpg

Frosted Peach

We have new felt bags with a crochet print taken from Trienne by Rachel Atkinson.

 photo IMG_2487_zpsuybac3x9.jpg

 photo IMG_2488_zpsepabsdah.jpg

 photo IMG_2489_zps7dgfepr2.jpg

 photo IMG_2490_zpsobbrhcwm.jpg

 photo IMG_2492_zpsyms3n35f.jpg

 photo IMG_2491_zpsn0n6lpym.jpg

 photo IMG_2493_zpsvhjj1qa8.jpg

Finally there will be some new additions to the sale shop, so make sure you remember to take a look at 1900 on Friday.

The yarns and bags above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 15th January.

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One Response to Shop Update 15.01.16

  1. Allison Lane says:

    Amazing colours this week Joy. Subtle and so pretty.

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