Meet Frank

With the demise of Smart Stamp on 31st December we needed to find another way to deal with post.


Meet Frank.

Let’s just say we weren’t overly imaginative when it came to christening the new franking machine.

Until now we’ve always been able to hand parcels in at the post office or put them in a post box. Wool being squishy is a good thing.

Franked post can’t go in an ordinary post box unless it’s in a special wallet, and we can only post one of those a day.

So we’re going to try doing the post office run a bit later until we work out where the boxes that allow you to post franked mail are. I’d assumed that I could look this up online, but apparently I need to phone someone. Maybe it’s a secret…….

The ultra observant amongst you will notice that our post labels look a little different. They’ll also show a lower postage cost. That’s because franked post is slightly cheaper, but then you need to rent a machine and have a contract.

We’ll keep an eye on how quickly franked post is delivered, so please let us know if your parcel takes longer than expected to reach you.


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