5 Favourite Knitting Books

In the week between Christmas and New Year I’ve been doing some decluttering. It always goes well until I get to the bookshelves. Then almost everything is a treasure to be kept.

So I thought I’d share my 5 favourite knitting books. There’s a real mix of old and new.


Lucy Neatby – Cool Socks, Warm Feet ISBN 0973394005

If I had to have one sock knitting book this would be it. There’s discussion about how to make the best possible socks, a whole range of heels and toes , cast ons and cast offs and a wide range of sizes. You could pick your yarn then find a pattern in this book. I also like that this book is spiral bound, so it sits open when you’re working from it.

Elizabeth Zimmerman – Knitting Around ISBN 0942018036

A lovely mix of knitting tips and techniques, family history, pictures and patterns. I haven’t knitted anything from this, but I always enjoy looking through it.

Lynne Barr – Knitting  New Scarves ISBN 9781584796336

It’s not very often that a knitting book comes along that is filled with ideas you haven’t seen before – but this delivers so many new ideas that you’ll be spoiled for where to start. I’d admit that some of it looks a touch fiddly – but you’re not creating traditional flat knitting. It’s worth getting hold of this book just to be inspired by the techniques.

Anna Maltz – Penguin ISBN 9780957621640

There’s nothing I don’t love about this book. The range of designs. The styling. The pictures. The drawings. The stories. The techniques.  And the yellow wellies. I’m going to be knitting a lot from this book over the coming year.

Sandra McIver – knit, swirl! ISBN 9780981985916

In complete contrast to Penguin  this book is all about one this – draped cardigans. It’s a fascinating exploration of how small changes make a big difference to finished designs. It’s also a great book if you want examples of how yarn choices alter garments – as there’s a basic style which is adapted you get lots of examples about how colours play.

What’s your favourite knitting book?


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2 Responses to 5 Favourite Knitting Books

  1. Thank you for including my book – I’m honoured.

  2. Joanne Clark says:

    Knitting in the old way by Pris Gibson Roberts and I own at least 500 others.

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