2016 Clubs

It’s almost time for the first club instalments to be posted.

I’ll be posting overseas clubs with furthest to travel on Christmas Eve.

European Clubs will be posted on Tuesday 29th December.

UK clubs will be posted on the 31st of December.

So if everything goes to plan the club parcels will arrive on the 2nd of January. If you live in Scotland you’ll have to wait until the 4th of January, as the post isn’t delivered on the 2nd.

Patterns for the Golden Yorkshire and Blue Skies club will be emailed on the 2nd of January.

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5 Responses to 2016 Clubs

  1. Allison Lane says:

    Ooh ooh! Excited now! A lovely present for the New Year. Have a lovely peaceful break Joy & Bobbi and hopefully I’ll see you again in July. xx

  2. Judith Cable says:

    Can’t wait. So excited and how lovely that the thrills continue through the year.

  3. Catherine FH says:

    My first year and 🎶 I’m so excited🎶

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