Making A Golden Flock

As promised, some instructions for making the sheep kits into actual decorations.

Your kit contains 2 sheets of felt each printed with 6 sheep and a skein of stranded embroidery cotton.

 photo RA blog picture 4_zpszrrml1hq.jpg

I cut circles round my sheep – if you decide to cut a different shape please remember that you’ll be putting two sheep together and the shapes need to match. If you wanted to cut close to the out line of the sheep you’ll need to back them with something else.

I used a pencil to draw circles with a 9cm diameter so I had plenty of space to stitch in.

 photo IMG_2354_zpsqobpkoe2.jpg

Cut out each sheep. If you cut just inside the line there won’t be any pencil marks on your finished ornaments.

 photo IMG_2355_zpswoneqnas.jpg

Pair your sheep up, and sort them so the sheep are facing the same way up and the wrong sides of the felt are together.

 photo IMG_2356_zps6glalmoe.jpg

Thread a needle with your embroidery thread and use the stitch of your choice to stitch about three quarters of the way round your sheep. Stuff the sheep with something soft. I used quilt batting as I had a small amount left. Toy stuffing, scraps of yarn or even cotton wool balls will all work well.

Finish sewing up the sheep, fasten off the end and darn it into the ornament so it’s hidden.

 photo IMG_2358_zpsw9vqznrq.jpg

To make a hanging loop I cut a 15cm length of embroidery thread and threaded it through the top couple of stitches. Knot the ends together and you’re done.

 photo RA blog picture 8_zpsmeay7wch.jpg

Enjoy your little flock of golden sheep.

You’ll find the kits in the shop from 1900 on Friday 4th December. All of the money from the sale of these kits will go to the three charities we’re supporting in 2015 – The Alzheimer’s Society, Mind and The Stroke Association.

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One Response to Making A Golden Flock

  1. Sharon says:

    Great idea, Joy. Of course you could always double the size of your ‘flock’ by making the ornaments single sheep sided and maybe decorating the ‘plain’ side.

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