Shop Update 04.12.15

Now that we’re into December I feel that it’s acceptable to start mentioning Christmas.

First up are some festive sock yarns – these are all dyed on the 4ply British wool and nylon sock base.

 photo IMG_2367_zpsv6gvosvg.jpg


 photo IMG_2368_zpssx2d6eyn.jpg

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

 photo IMG_2369_zpsjtk5u6a6.jpg

Christmas Candy

 photo IMG_2370_zps53qxavqr.jpg

Frosty The Snowman

 photo IMG_2371_zpsdqjrkhgd.jpg


 photo IMG_2372_zps2kvaygu4.jpg

Arctic Circle

Then a restock of our most popular semi solid colours, again in the 4ply British wool and nylon base

 photo IMG_2373_zps2fx66wh1.jpg

electric blue

 photo IMG_2374_zpsfjmkvqbm.jpg

ice blue

 photo IMG_2375_zpsqjvqzgtj.jpg

glacier blue

 photo IMG_2376_zpsxlz2gvip.jpg


 photo IMG_2377_zpspanuqxon.jpg


 photo IMG_2378_zpsjjnaywrx.jpg


 photo IMG_2379_zpsd1d9roda.jpg


 photo IMG_2380_zps98fo3tpn.jpg


There are more of our felt zipped pouches with the stocking stitch design

 photo IMG_2320_zps6dztxo44.jpg

Finally this week we have kits to allow you to make your own Christmas decorations – golden sheep.

 photo RA blog picture 4_zpszrrml1hq.jpg

Each kit contains 2 felt sheets each screen printed with 6 golden sheep and a skein of embroidery thread and costs £8. So by doing a little sewing and adding some stuffing you can make your own little flock of golden sheep. The sheep prints have been created from 6 different knitting and crochet patterns.

Top to bottom and left to right the patterns are
1. Trienne shawl by Rachel Atkinson
2. Crochet mesh
3. Aptenodytes by Anna Maltz and Kristen Blom. Stitch pattern design by Kirsten Blom
4. Stocking stitch
5. Knitted mesh
6. Feather and fan

 photo RA blog picture 8_zpsmeay7wch.jpg

All of the money from the sale of these kits will go to the three charities we’re supporting in 2015 – The Alzheimer’s Society, Mind and The Stroke Association. I’ve been talking more about my love of handmade decorations over on Rachel Atkinson’s lovely blog – my life in knitwear. You can find out more about these prints there. Tomorrow I’ll add a how to post with instructions for turning your printed fabric into hanging decorations.

The yarns and kits above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 4th November.

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Happy shopping – what will you make?


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