Shop Update 19.11.15

The shop update will take place at 1900 on Thursday 19th November, as we’re heading off for a long weekend off on Friday.

So before then I need to sort our something which is suitable travel knitting.

This week’s update is all about project bags. Very special project bags which happened by accident. While I was in one of my favourite fabric shops looking for cheap cotton to take to screen printing class at college I found the most gorgeous 100% wool felt. There wasn’t a huge amount of it – the shop specialises in mill ends so often there’s very little length. Let’s just say that there was a lot less by the time I’d finished. We will gloss over the fact that I was so excited by the purchasing of meters and meters of felt that I managed to leave without the cotton that I’d come to buy.

Our felt bags are made from sturdy 100% wool felt so they’ll stand up to lots of use. Each bag is interfaced and lined with a heavy cotton canvas, and there are no raw seams on the inside.

 photo IMG_2303_zpsky9fran1.jpg


There’s even a screen print on the lining.

 photo IMG_2324_zpsmaqgtrnw.jpg

Felt bags have a wider base and sweep out to the zip at the top.

 photo IMG_2302_zps10rcrptc.jpg

As each bag is hand made measurements will differ slightly.

Measurements are

length along the zip 32cm

length along the base 25cm

height 20cm

width at base 8cm

Small enough to be easily carried, these bags have plenty of space for 3 or 4 skeins of yarn plus knitting pins, making them suitable for most projects.

Each bag is made from fabric which has been screen printed with one of our unique designs. Our screen prints are made with soil association approved water based ink, and are heat set to ensure durability. To keep your bag looking good for as long as possible we’d recommend spot cleaning.  If necessary bags can also be handwashed gently in cool water.

Each bag costs £25.

There are two designs – stocking stitch and garter stitch.

 photo IMG_2311_zpsyihexue7.jpg

 photo IMG_2312_zpsnohn8i5x.jpg

 photo IMG_2313_zpsi0qnbjup.jpg

 photo IMG_2314_zpso6bkgjqy.jpg

 photo IMG_2316_zpslr1iooun.jpg

 photo IMG_2317_zpscgzqg3bl.jpg

 photo IMG_2319_zpsbtwp6nv8.jpg

 photo IMG_2320_zps9eqvmbnk.jpg

 photo IMG_2321_zpsxlytx4tr.jpg

 photo IMG_2299_zps052jhfsc.jpg

 photo IMG_2305_zpseopkvavg.jpg

 photo IMG_2306_zpsal8ratu3.jpg

 photo IMG_2307_zpsy0uteya2.jpg

 photo IMG_2308_zps3cm4t2d2.jpg

 photo IMG_2309_zpsfhha2aqe.jpg

 photo IMG_2310_zps8g1juovp.jpg

The bags above will be in the shop from 1900 on Thursday 19th November.

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Happy shopping – what will you make?


ps – if you’re thinking about signing up for one of the 2016 clubs you can find all of the details here.

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