Dyeing Up A Winner

Those of you who follow the blog and newsletter will know that we’ve been running a competition with Isla from BrityYarn.

The challenge was to come up with a colourway which was very British – a place, a food, a much loved personality – anything at all.

There were lots of amazing entries, and I’d have been happy to have almost any of them as my starting off point.

Here’s the winner describing her perfect bit of Britishness.

“My heritage is from Cornwall and Northumberland so I would go with “Rugged Coastline”, and it could be all shades of blues, beachey browns/neutrals, cliffy grays with some pinks from the wildflowers to lift it.”

Isla and I picked this after a lot of deliberation, and then I started thinking about the finished yarn.

I tend to think of coastal colours as being more muted (although there are some glorious exceptions) so that took me to the paler end of the colour palette, especially when thinking about cliffs and the sandy browns of a beach. I also knew that I didn’t want the pink to be too bright – so a highlight rather than the main focus of the colourway. There’s a bit of silver in the candy pink thrift, so the pink was dyed on top of the point where the silver and brown met in the skein. Picking a blue also took a bit of thought. it was very tempting to think summer and bright blue, but a slate fitted better – and is probably a better representation of the British sea on many days of the year.


Rugged Coastline

The yarn is our new Britsock base – so 40% British Falkland Polwarth, 20% British Wensleydale, 20% British Alpaca and 20% nylon.

If you’d like a skein of Rugged Coastline you’ll find them for sale at Brityarn – they’re selling fast and once these have gone the colourway won’t be repeated.

I love seeing what colours people come up with, and I’m sure we’ll be putting together another chance to win some special yarn soon.

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