What Do Blue and Yellow Do?

If you’re thinking about signing up for one of our sock clubs, you’ll want to know what’s planned for 2016.

In 2015 we offered warm and cool options.

In 2016 we wanted something different.

So we’ve started with six colours and added blue and yellow to them to create twelve new colours.

A couple of days ago someone asked if this meant that the Blue Skies club would be cool colours and the Golden Yorkshire club would be warm colours. It’s a reasonable way of thinking about it – but it’s not all all what the clubs will look like.

To demonstrate this I’m going to use one of our primary colour wheel mini skein sets.


This is the full set of 12 colours.


Here are all of the colours in the set which include blue.


Here are all of the colours in the set which include yellow.

So you can see that using blue and yellow give warm and cool colours.

Colour wheels work by using a very limited number of colours – red, blue, and yellow – and combining the to make different colours.

For the clubs we’ll be starting with six colours which aren’t necessarily part of simple colour wheels like the one above. So adding blue and yellow will give more complex colours.

Colour wheels are created by using fixed proportions of each colour. The same restriction won’t apply to the clubs. We might add a lot of blue to our starting colour, or just a tiny pinch.

Lots of options.

So there’s going to be a mix of warm and cool colours in each club.

Pick the theme and designer that appeals to you most. Or make sure you don’t miss out and pick both.

You can find full details about the sock clubs and designers we’re working with in 2016 here.

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