2016 Clubs – Back To Discworld

Yesterday we told you about the sock club options for 2016.

Today we’re going to talk about the multicoloured club options. This club is for yarn only, so you’re free to find your own pattern.

There’s a change for this year – the multi-coloured club is going to be available in both variegated and self striping options. Ever since Rachel and I did the Granny Weatherwax club I’ve wanted to go back and dye more Pratchett inspired colours. So I’ll be picking another 12 amazing characters and turning them into yarn.

Welcome to the Back to Discworld club.

I’m going to split the self striping yarns into six bold (two colours) and six regular stripe (four colours). The variegated yarns will be the same colours, but they won’t knit up into stripes.
You can choose to sign up for both options and receive all 12 yarns, or pick either variation.

For each colour theme, each instalment of yarn will cost £22 for self striping sock yarn and £16 for variegated yarn in the British sock yarn option, or £25 for self striping Britsock yarn and £19 for the variegated Britsock option for UK customers. These prices include UK postage. For Europe we need to charge an extra £1 and for the rest of the world an extra £2. If there will be more than one skein of yarn in your parcel each month we’ll refund £3 per additional skein to you. If you want to add the extra 20 grams of yarn to your parcel this will cost £3 regardless of the yarn base. We can’t add extra yarn to the self striping option.

As with the all of our clubs you can choose to pay for the whole year up front and get a 5% discount. You can also choose to be invoiced for each parcel so you pay for one parcel at a time and your place is guaranteed. Finally you can sign up for a one off parcel.

Although we try to make sure that everyone gets the club they want, numbers for the self striping clubs will be limited due to the time it takes to create these yarns. If this is the club option you’d like please sign up when places open on Sunday 1st November at 1900.

If you’d like more details about the semi solid colours and patterns which are in the sock club you’ll find that here.

You can find out all about the mini skein club here.

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