2016 Clubs – The Sock Clubs

There’s a lot happening with the 2016 clubs, so we’ll be releasing the details over the next three days rather than in one go.

Today we’re talking about the sock clubs – so yarn and a pattern (although you can just have the yarn if that’s what you’d prefer)

We’re delighted that this is the 2nd year that both yarn options for the clubs will be British yarns.

Parcels for all clubs will be posted for the start of January, March, May, July, September and November.

There will be two yarn options for the sock clubs and multi coloured clubs.

Option 1 is our 4ply British sock yarn 75% British wool, 25% nylon. This has 400 meters to each 100 grams.

Option 2 is our 4ply Britsock yarn with 40% British (Falkland) Polwarth, 20% British Wensleydale, 20% British alpaca and 20% nylon. This has 400 meters to 100 grams.

In 2016 we’ll be offering 2 sock clubs, each with six yarns and patterns.

The colours for the 2016 clubs are something a little different for. We started with 6 colours we love and added yellow or blue to them to produce 12 new shades.

We’re delighted that Rachel Coopey will be carrying on the tradition of designing gorgeous socks for us. Rachel’s six patterns will be themed on Yorkshire and will feature the beautiful stitch patterns which are such a feature of her work. You can find more of Rachel’s work here. Rachel will be working with the 6 shades which have yellow in the dye bath, and we’ll be calling this the Golden Yorkshire Club. If you sign up for this club your pattern will also include a recipe from Rachel Atkinson. Recipes will be exclusive to club members for 3 months then will appear on Rachel’s blog
We’re also thrilled that Clare Devine will be designing club patterns for us in 2016. Clare’s designs will be themed on the sky. Clare’s six patterns will explore different methods of sock construction with an emphasis on fit. You can find more of Clare’s work here. Clare will be working with the 6 shades which have blue in the dye bath and we’ll be calling this The Blue Skies Club.

Club patterns will be exclusive to club members for 3 months. Patterns will be emailed to you and can be stored in your Ravelry library. The colours will be exclusive to club members and there are no plans to add them to the range in the shop.

You’ll receive 100 grams of your chosen yarn which gives you 400 meters to knit with. If you need a little more yarn than that we can add an extra 20 grams to your parcel, so those knitting for big feet can relax.

You can pay for the whole year at once and receive a 5% discount, or single month at a time and we’re happy to invoice you every other month to make sure you never miss a club parcel. You can also choose to pay for a one off club parcel.

For each sock club theme, each instalment of yarn and pattern will cost £19.00 for the British sock yarn option, or £22.00 for the Britsock option for UK customers. Should you prefer to go for the yarn only, it will cost £15.50 for the British sock yarn option, or £18.50 for the Britsock option. These prices include UK postage. For Europe we need to charge an extra £1 and for the rest of the world an extra £2. If there will be more than one skein of yarn in your parcel each month we’ll refund £3 per additional skein to you. If you want to add the extra 20 grams of yarn to your parcel this will cost £3 regardless of the yarn base.

You’ll be able to sign up for all of the clubs from 1900 on Sunday 1st November.

You can find all about the multi coloured club (Back to Discworld) here.

You can find out all about the mini skein club here.

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13 Responses to 2016 Clubs – The Sock Clubs

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  3. Anne Grieve says:

    Hi Joy and Bobby, I’m curious about Rachel’s club for next year. Can you tell me please what happens when you add yellow? Will the colours be warm or cool? Anne x

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Anne, great question.

      Adding yellow won’t automatically make the final shade warm or cool – it will make warm shades warmer and cool shades less cool. Have a look at the colour wheels, start at the red and go towards the yellow. You’ll see the colours move through red orange, orange and golden orange – so they stay warm. Then keep going towards the blue colours and you’ll see all the greens.

      So the club colours will be both warm and cool colours. They may not look like they have any yellow (or blue if you’re looking at the blue Skies Club) but they will have.

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