Colour Wheels Part 2

It turns out that there’s no such thing as too much colour.

I should have known that really.

When our original colour wheels debuted at Yarndale a couple of weeks ago they were hugely popular and sold out.

So job number one was to get them restocked.

Our original colour wheels were based round the primary colours – red, blue and yellow.

We’ve also been dyeing up colour wheels based on printer ink colours – magenta (pink), cyan (turquoise) and yellow again.

Which version you prefer will depend on your favourite colours – so the choice is yours.

Each colour wheel comes in hues, shades, tints and tones.

Hues are the original colours.

Shades are the original colours with black added – so deeper than hues.

Tints are a paler version of hues – if I was mixing paint I’d add white, as a dyer I use less dye.

Tones are tints with a tiny amount of black added. If I was mixing paint colours I’d start with the original hues and add grey.

So lots and lots and lots of colour.

Primary Colour Hues

 photo IMG_2079_zps1gkvdzz6.jpg

Primary Colour Shades

 photo IMG_2082_zpsivjvlspo.jpg

Primary Colour Tints

 photo IMG_2083_zpsod9j7crn.jpg

Primary Colour Tones

 photo IMG_2084_zps9gcinakh.jpg

Printer Ink Colour Hues

 photo IMG_2064_zps5mprcwqu.jpg

Printer Ink Colour Shades

 photo IMG_2073_zpssi6o7vqm.jpg

Printer Ink Colour Tints

 photo IMG_2075_zpscuspkyc2.jpg

Printer Ink Colour Tones

 photo IMG_2077_zpstfczjf6t.jpg

The colour wheels are dyed onto our new Britsock base, and each set gives you 12 mini skeins each approximately 10 grams / 40 meters. Each set costs £22, and they’ll be in the shop at 1900 on Friday 16th October.

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