Colour Wheels

If you follow me on instagram you’ll be aware that I’vebeen doing some colour wheel dyeing for Amanda Perkins (aka Queenie Amanda of the much missed Natural Dye Studio).


There will be 4 colour wheels each with 12 colours – so hues, tints, tones and shades.


These are the tints – the softer version of hues.

The yarns are dyed onto our Britsock yarn base, and we’ll be launching them at Yarndale at the end of September.

Each pack will have 10 grams of each of 12 colours.

Amanda uses colour wheels to create designs like this – Iris Crochet Scarf

iris_1_pf_medium2 (1)

Image copyright Amanda Perkins

You can buy the pattern here

One of my jobs to get done before Yarndale is to get a version of this crocheted up – so please come and see it and say hello.

Another job is to turn the same colours into an On The Edge shawl – that’s going to be my soothing holiday knitting.

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One Response to Colour Wheels

  1. Who doesn’t love a good rainbow!?!? Happiness all around.

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