Lamitra for Painted Woolly Toppers

It feels like this hat has been on the needles for ages, and I’m not sure why because it’s a delight to knit.

Lamitra by Woolly Womhead

When Painted Woolly Toppers was released this was one of my favourite designs – and I’m already considering colour options for version 2.


There’s something about this hat which reminds me of a sea urchin.


A look at the way the panels curve away from the brim.

This is knitted in 4ply British Wool and nylon in the meadow colourway. I’m very tempted to try a version in bold self striping yarn as I think the stripes will work beautifully.


You can buy the individual pattern here. If you’d prefer the whole book – and you should because it’s full of fabulous things – we have signed copies.

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One Response to Lamitra for Painted Woolly Toppers

  1. mrsbiker says:

    You have chosen the perfect colour way for the pattern. I can definetly see the sea urchin connection.

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