Shop Update 28.08.15

To celebrate the release of Terry Pratchett’s last Discworld novel on 27th of August I wanted to dye up something rather special.

Something that a brilliant and slightly twisted mind would approve of.

So I decided it would be fun to revisit the 12 colours which formed the Granny Weatherwax sock club and turn them into self striping yarns.

The yarns will be available in both the British wool and nylon and Britsock bases.

These yarns will go on sale to subscribers on the 27th of August and any that are left will be added to the shop update of 28th August. You can sign up for the newsletter here. To get the link that you’ll need for this offer you need to have signed up by midday on Thursday 27th August.

On to the yarns – the first 6 photos are of British wool and nylon base and the last 6 are of Britsock.

 photo IMG_1840_zpstj1o5hs8.jpg

The Luggage

 photo IMG_1839_zps25u1z06g.jpg

Mathematical Camel Spit

 photo IMG_1842_zpsjruf8gqb.jpg

Death’s Broccoli

 photo IMG_1843_zpsq5sz8jtz.jpg

The Lady Herself

 photo IMG_1844_zps97uocp9o.jpg


 photo IMG_1841_zpszkkgqad0.jpg

Medicine From Forn Parts

 photo IMG_1828_zpskqgcgcht.jpg

Sorcerer’s Eyes

 photo IMG_1838_zpsdwqbvtai.jpg


 photo IMG_1837_zpsmh1im776.jpg


 photo IMG_1831_zpswpescs61.jpg


 photo IMG_1834_zpseoplbkti.jpg


 photo IMG_1829_zpsferxyydy.jpg

Draco Lunaris

We’ll also have a restock of our pouch and box bags.

Happy shopping


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