Ten Things I Learnt By Going To Art College

Last week I spent 4 days at Leeds College of Art doing a screen printing course, then on Saturday I was back again to do a day on Cyanotypes.

I learnt lots. I had masses of fun. I’ll blog properly about that once I’ve sorted out photos and used some of the fabric I printed.

Even without the actual class, last week taught me a lot.

1. Commuting is SO much harder than I remembered. I was lucky – I didn’t need to be at college until 1000 and we finished at 1530 so I never had to do the rush hour. It was still exhausting. Huge kudos to those of you who do this every day. I have no idea how you cope.

2. Bean and Bud in Harrogate might make the best cake ever – I had a slice of orange and yoghurt cake one morning which was so good that I seriously considered getting off the train and going back for more.

3. While I can get up and be at the workshop for 0700 without any problem, I cannot get up and be at the train station for 0815 with anything like the same ease. I can only think that I have learn to sleep walk to the workshop, put the dye pots on, make tea and wake up gradually.

4. Doing things to someone else’s schedule is tiring. We had two very relaxed tutors, but certain things had to happen at certain times. This was a bit of a shock to my system. The only thing that happens round here at a guaranteed time is that the shop update takes place at 1900 on Friday. Beyond that it’s all flexible.

5. I would get more knitting done if I had to commute. I enjoyed having an hour on the train each day to watch the world go by and work on my sock.

6. It is possible to get through the day without drinking ten mugs of tea. Not entirely desirable – but possible.

7. For 6. to work, an early morning coffee is essential.A large coffee.

8. If I lived nearer Leeds College of Art I would be skint as there are many, many lovely and wonderful things in the shop which forms part of the library. Quite a few of them are notebooks.

9. I could happily take another week off and spend it in the library, browsing though the most amazing selection of art and design books.

10. It’s been so lovely to be able to take a week out and go to college – and I’m very, very grateful that this week I’m back to my usual walk to work and my own routine.

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