Shop Update 30.07.15 – and the #miniskeincomp winner

There are masses of new delights for this Friday’s update – new yarn, new bags and last but very definately not least the winner of the #miniskeincomp which we ran with Rachel of my life in knitwear.

First up – the new yarn which will be in the shop this Friday – a gorgeous DK Falkland merino with just a hint of sparkle.

The yarn is spun in Yorkshire from 96% fine Falkland merino and 4% lurex. – It’s fair to say that this yarn is gorgeously soft. The lurex which adds the sparkle also picks up the dye, so the sparkles match the yarn.

Each 100 gram skein gives approximately 240 meters of yarn.

 photo IMG_1720_zps23dmpxsd.jpg


 photo IMG_1719_zpsob09vkii.jpg


 photo IMG_1725_zpswaese1yz.jpg


 photo IMG_1727_zpsid75a4o1.jpg


 photo IMG_1730_zps9mdcczjc.jpg


 photo IMG_1728_zpsjzlfiqyi.jpg


 photo IMG_1729_zps5p7byjln.jpg


 photo IMG_1726_zps5zlmm0v5.jpg


 photo IMG_1723_zpsbztnlxj5.jpg


 photo IMG_1721_zpszhiql0ls.jpg


 photo IMG_1724_zpsi83dfnek.jpg


 photo IMG_1722_zpsx8awcvkw.jpg


There are also 10 new colours of our 4ply British wool and alpaca blend. Louise from Knit British reviewed this recently. Find out more and see the 10 new colours here.

The next new thing isn’t yarn – it’s a range of screen printed tote bags, zipped pouches and box bags.

The tote bags are a cotton canvas, and come in 5 designs. Each tote bag also comes with two badges, “The Knitting Goddess” and “I hold the potential to make beautiful things”

 photo IMG_1795_zpsmrfiszvk.jpg

 photo IMG_1794_zpsuyniklyz.jpg

 photo IMG_1797_zps8sqlango.jpg

 photo IMG_1798_zpsdnwlikpc.jpg

 photo IMG_1800_zps52j6dawu.jpg

 photo IMG_1802_zpsgmgg0sdk.jpg

The fabric for the zipped pouches and box bags is a heavy cotton canvas. This is then interfaced for extra strength. The pouches and box bags are fully lined.

All of our screen printing is done with soil association approved water based ink. Designs are then heat set to ensure durability.

Zip pouches come in two sizes and four designs.

 photo IMG_1789_zpsbiarwxr1.jpg

Small zip pouches are 17.5cm by 12.5cm

Large zip pouches are 24cm by 15.5cm

 photo IMG_1697_zps0ejua5qp.jpg

 photo IMG_1790_zps6klypt0x.jpg

stocking stitch

 photo IMG_1792_zpspprj9pge.jpg

garter stitch

 photo IMG_1783_zpsf8vwdmpk.jpg

granny square

 photo IMG_1787_zpsup6ixgxh.jpg

I hold the potential to make beautiful things

 photo IMG_1788_zpsnkipwak1.jpg

Turned inside out so you can see the inside.

Box bags come in two sizes and three designs.

Small box bags are 19cm long, 11 cm deep and 9 cm tall

Large box bags are 23 cm long, 12.5cm deep and 11cm tall.

 photo IMG_1768_zps3ebthqfe.jpg

stocking stitch

 photo IMG_1763_zpswnreanvi.jpg

granny squares

 photo IMG_1769_zpsgizevkhb.jpg

I hold the potential to make beautiful things.

 photo IMG_1752_zps96z5kxje.jpg

Both ends have cotton webbing loops, so could easily be clipped to a belt or larger bag.

 photo IMG_1781_zps5rcbuwoq.jpg

Turned inside out so you can see the inside.

Finally ….. I feel this needs a drum roll or fanfare of some sort

I’m delighted to have the winning colourway from the #miniskeincomp turned into a set of mini skeins.

Congratulations to Amelia who gave us this lovely photo.


The winning minis

 photo IMG_1803_zps3rw1prgg.jpg

The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 30th July.

You can sign up for the September clubs. – get your place here – we’ll be closing sign ups on the 31st of July.

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Happy shopping – what will you make?


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