Yarn Review on the Knit British Podcast

I’m a real fan of podcasts. They’re something that I enjoy while I’m in the workshop or melting glass. Some of what I listen to is business related, some is because the subject matter is fascinating, and some is just fun.

One of my favourites is the Knit British podcast hosted by Louise Scollay.

Recently we sent some of our gorgeous polwarth, alpaca and zwartables to Louise so she could review it, and you can hear her opinions in episode 35 – Kiss My British Wool!

It’s always lovely to listen to someone who really knows and understands their subject, so hearing Louise talk about the different sheep breeds and fibre qualities which make this yarn so special is a real treat.

There’s even the chance to win a skein of polwarth, alpaca and zwartables – so go and have a listen and find out how to be in with a chance of owning a skein of this fantatsic yarn.

If you’d like to buy this yarn there’s some in the shop now – and 10 new colours will be joining it when the shop update takes place at 1900 this Friday.

 photo IMG_1709_zpsfe52ofu0.jpg


 photo IMG_1710_zpspn7yyfhk.jpg


 photo IMG_1712_zps4m774ved.jpg


 photo IMG_1714_zpswtaqq42n.jpg


 photo IMG_1711_zpsqlhktjfk.jpg


 photo IMG_1713_zpswtjgmdxh.jpg


 photo IMG_1715_zps3d7mnvbe.jpg


 photo IMG_1716_zpsev0db5lh.jpg


 photo IMG_1718_zpsqufqpfma.jpg


 photo IMG_1717_zpsjn2ioiv8.jpg

electric blue

My thanks to Louise for providing such a detailed review – and for keeping me company in the workshop when I’m winding yarn.

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3 Responses to Yarn Review on the Knit British Podcast

  1. Winwick Mum says:

    I had to google Zwartbles because I had never heard the word before, let alone had a clue to what it might be! Now I know that it’s a breed of sheep and I’ve dipped my toe into the previously unexplored world of podcasts too – it’s been a revelation, thank you! xx

  2. Carol Donnelly says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast, great to knit along to. Beautiful colours. Xxx

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