Shop Update 17.07.15

This is our last shop update before Fibre East – so lots of what has come out of the dye pots had headed straight into crates.

What we do have for you this week is one of my favourite things – Britsock Take Five sets which are perfect for shawls, hats, socks, gloves – pretty much anything.

 photo IMG_1637_zpsuom9uow4.jpg

Shaded Yellows

 photo IMG_1640_zpsd0yrtuw0.jpg

Shaded Pinks

 photo IMG_1639_zpsu4jqnxfl.jpg

Shaded Electric Blues

 photo IMG_1641_zpsgdlinftz.jpg
Shaded Turquoises

 photo IMG_1642_zpsj5ehbslw.jpg

Shaded Plums

 photo IMG_1638_zps7ktxdexg.jpg

Shaded Limes

 photo IMG_1643_zps3jgh0xp0.jpg

Shaded Coppers

 photo IMG_1644_zpsxsnt1rzq.jpg

Shaded Blues

The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 17th July.

You can sign up for the September clubs. – get your place here If you’re quick there are a couple of places available in the multi coloured mini skein club.

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The other thing that I need to let you know is that from Monday 20th July we’ll be increasing our prices slightly to cover rising material costs. We’ve just signed the lease on a new workshop space (right next door to the old one but bigger), and as we’re going to have to relabel everything with the new address it makes sense to adjust prices now.

Postage costs will increase too – they went up in April and for some reason I didn’t ever change the rates in the shop. So UK postage will be £3.35, European postage £4.50 and post for everyone else £6.50. I’m looking at ways of offering cheaper postage on small orders, and if there’s any way we can make this work I promise we’ll do it.

Happy shopping – what will you make?


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