Colour Inspiration for #miniskeincomp – Books

Last Friday Rachel and I launched a mini-skein competition – you can find all of the details here on Rachel’s blog.

The response has been amazing, and we’re already starting to wonder how we’ll manage to narrow so many fabulous images down to a short list.

I know not everyone is confident with colour. It’s something I hear a lot at shows as customers try to decide on colour combinations for a project.

So I thought that between now and the end of the competition (midnight July 17th) I’d write a couple of blog posts about possible sources of colour inspiration.

I’ve loved seeing pictures of amazing landscapes, but for today I’m going to look at inspiration which doesn’t even need you to leave the house.


Occasionally I see amazing pictures on Pinterest where people have arranged their books in blocks of colour. They look wonderful, but I like my cookbooks to live together, my knitting books to live together and so on.

So I thought I’d take 4 very quick photos of different bookshelves and show you how they could become a possible entry for the #miniskeincomp.

I haven’t spent any time rearranging books for this – and a couple of minutes doing that would open up a whole heap of possibilities.


This is a pile of books which lives in my workroom – just the bottom 5 books would make a great set with blues, turquoises, black and white.

The top half of the pile would be equally lovely and very different with much warmer shades.

So I’d probably crop this photo down to five or six books to get a nice choice of colours.


Another workroom photo – this time the knitting books.

I love the first six colours on the left, then I’d probably swap the next two books round so I had some bright pink and I’d use those seven colours for my photo.


Books from the living room this time – I cropped this photo to make it square, and I’d leave it just as it is for colours.

Finally what’s probably my favourite series of books ever.


Looking at these makes me want to go and play with the dye pots now.

So if you haven’t entered the #miniskeincomp yet go and have a look at your bookshelves and take a photo.

Happy hunting for inspiration.

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2 Responses to Colour Inspiration for #miniskeincomp – Books

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi, interesting discussion but perhaps I am not getting it is because I’m a mini-newbie. OR do not have issues with color. I definitely see the good minis can provide: why buy a whole skein when a few yards will do! 🙂 Look forward to learning more.

  2. Hi Lynn – sorry if this has left you a little confused.

    I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions for people who are still trying to find an entry for the #miniskeincomp.

    Great to hear that you’re confident with colour – I’ll look forward to seeing your entry.

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