500 not out

When I hit the publish button for the shop update on Thursday I got a notification from wordpress to say that I’d published by 500th blog post.

It’s taken a while, in part because for a long time I was just using the blog to let you know about new things in the shop.

At the start of the year I decided that I wanted update the blog more often and to talk about some of the things that go on in my life. It’s been easier than I thought it would be – there’s something about knowing that I don’t have to write much which makes it very easy to write some thing.

So I’m looking forward to chatting about lots of different things over the rest of the year.

I love reading other people’s blogs and finding out what’s been happening with them. I guess it’s sort of like having people at work to chat to, with the added bonus that you don’t need to put up with any irritating colleagues.

I’m always happy to find new blogs, so here are three of my favourites for you to have a look at.

My Life In Knitwear – knitting, cake, books and a love of pencils. Rachel has had a short break from her blog while she moved house and I’m so glad that she’s posting again.

Joy The Baker – cake, cake and cake – and a lovely thought inspiring round up of different articles on a Sunday.

Katyboo1’s Weblog – much hilarity, more cake, occasional knitting and a tortoise.

I have noticed that a cake theme appears to run through all of this. I feel that’s a good thing.

What are your favourite blogs?

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