Making Ribbon Laces

A while ago I bought a pair of gorgeous Dr Martens boots.


Aimilie Boots from Dr Martens

The boots came with two pairs of laces – a ribbon pair and ‘normal’ woven laces.

I loved the ribbon laces, but as these boots are designed to be worn with the top folded down the ribbons were too short to lace through all 18 holes.


After a bit of time with google I found out about heat shrink tube. I bought this on ebay – it’s the 4.5mm diameter which shrinks to about 2.5mm.

This is amazing stuff – cut about an inch, thread the end of the ribbon through it and blast with a hair dryer for a couple of minutes.


Result – professional looking ends to ribbon laces.


I’m already making plans for a visit to my local sewing shop. I need polka dot laces………

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10 Responses to Making Ribbon Laces

  1. Leanne says:

    That looks like great fun! I adore those boots x

  2. Julie says:

    What a fantastic product! Love your boots too 🙂

  3. Your boots look super awesome (I really love Docs), and with those ribbon laces they look even more awesome.

  4. They are gorgeous. Love my Docs. And now want to reinvent them with ribbons!

  5. So many options – I want spots and some rainbows – and maybe some vevet ribbons. That would be lush.

  6. Sarah Jeffs says:

    Which yarn is it that your beautiful boots were displayed on? I love the colours of the pink and purple!

  7. It’s the 4ply British wool and nylon

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