Boucle Testing – an Update

When I started thinking about testing our prospective new yarns, the boucle was the one that I was least sure about.

On the whole I’m used to smooth yarns.

Yarns that show stitch definition.

Yarns that can be ripped back.

It turns out I love boucle yarn because it rips back without a hint of a whimper. I didn’t expect that.


So far I’ve knitted a very simple cowl with stocking stitch and garter stitch.

Another surprise was how much texture of the pattern remains. I’m not suggesting that this is a yarn to use for some delicate pattern – but I got a lot more texture than I expected plus all of thise gorgeous loops.


The wrong side of the fabric is equally lovely.

Although this is a DK yarn I used 5mm needles, and the fabric still has plenty of body, while draping nicely. It’s so snuggly.


Now I need to play with a crochet hook and see how that works out!

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2 Responses to Boucle Testing – an Update

  1. Jan Devenport says:

    What a lovely cosy looking cowl you’ve made with the new boucle yarn especially as you have used larger needles. I can see that this is going to be very useful for Christmas presents especially last minute ones. Will the yarn be available to buy in time for this years Christmas knitting?
    How much yarn did you use?
    Jan Devenport.

    • Definitely available in time for Christmas knitting. I’ve sent the sample off to a friend who owns a yarn shop and I forgot to check how much yarn I’d used – but I’d guess about 65g of both colours . So there should be enough yarn left to make a single loop cowl too.

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