A Little Bit of Perfection

If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time you’ll be well aware of my love for all things Merchant and Mills.

We carry a small range of their pins, scissors and notebooks in the shop.

My favourite fabric scissors are courtesy of Merchant and Mills – and I’d love them even without the gorgeous red handles.

Seeing Merchant and Mills patterns at the Knitting and Stitch show in London a couple of years ago encouraged me to start sewing again after of gap of many years. These are the kind of clothes that I know I’ll love enough to wear out eventually. The kind of clothes that I can never find in the shops.


So when the Merchant and Mills Workbook was published it was a fair bet that I was going to like it a lot.

For me this book is more than just a collection of (very lovely) patterns. The photos, models and background pictures come together to make something which could almost be described as coffee table book gorgeous – but it’s still wonderfully practical.


Simple. Perfect.

There are designs which have had me pulling things out of the fabric stash as finally I can see designs that I want to make with my ‘good’ fabrics. There’s a bit of pinstriped Armani linen which I bought a couple of years ago from Ditto, and which I’ve never used because it’s irreplaceable. It’s going to become a skirt.


So if this goes to plan I should have a wardrobe of gorgeous things and a little less fabric.

What’s your ‘perfect’ sewing pattern or book?

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