Vortice Hat

More knitting – another hat from Painted Woolly Toppers by Woolly Wormhead.

This is Vortice.


I loved making this hat – the pattern manages to be both simple and clever.

Garter stitch and multicoloured yarn are made for each other.


The yarn is Turtle in 4ply British wool and nylon.

My favourite detail is the shape at the crown – that lovely combination of quirky and wearable.


I’m now working on Gallone – it’s proving to be perfect knitting for tennis watching.

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6 Responses to Vortice Hat

  1. bonnyknits says:

    Another tennis-watching knitter, hooray! I’m getting plenty of knitting in while I watch the French Open. 🙂

  2. Groovy and fun. Nice yarn colors.

  3. ettedram says:

    I loved knitting vortice! I didn’t have enough variegated yarn and so I alternated a variegated pattern panel with a plain… worked out really well and I think shows the architecture of the pattern even better :-p. Oh and I just can’t knit and tennis watch… Andy’s antics put my stress levels through the roof.

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