Shop Update 08.05.15

There are lots of good things for this week’s update.

First some gorgeous colours of 4ply British wool and nylon

 photo IMG_1311_zpswggcora2.jpg


 photo IMG_1312_zpsdfryetvj.jpg


 photo IMG_1313_zpsjq58fzqz.jpg

Mosaic Floor

 photo IMG_1314_zpsa6gb3ikx.jpg


 photo IMG_1315_zps6wu0umxf.jpg


 photo IMG_1316_zps7yt7ao0k.jpg

Baby Rainbow

 photo IMG_1317_zpshwowgdmt.jpg


Then some very cheerful yellow mini skeins

 photo IMG_1300_zpshv8u6yo5.jpg

These would look amazing with charcoal, steel and silver as a contrast.

Then self striping sock yarn – these are all bold self stripes.

First the Britsock

 photo IMG_1301_zpsu436zjzx.jpg

Charcoal and Lime

 photo IMG_1302_zpsayzf7mvz.jpg

Blue and Charcoal

 photo IMG_1303_zpsrfbt88lt.jpg

Just Because – I love these colours together

 photo IMG_1304_zpsofan6x8c.jpg


 photo IMG_1305_zpswqjc6zqz.jpg


Then the same colours in 4ply British wool and nylon

 photo IMG_1306_zpsqailxyj1.jpg

 photo IMG_1307_zpscc6a5gjf.jpg

 photo IMG_1308_zpssxwy3psc.jpg

 photo IMG_1309_zpsdnyn3aqw.jpg

 photo IMG_1310_zpsua3cipuk.jpg

May club parcels have been sent which means that July club sign ups are open

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The yarns shown above will be in the shop on Friday at 1900.

Happy knitting. What will you make?


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