Make your own stitch markers

It would be fair to say that given a pen and bit of paper it won’t be long before I’m doodling. I’d say that my drawing skills are pretty limited, but there’s something very soothing about drawing repeats of patterns. Sort of like knitting without the yarn and needles.

A while ago I say several pins on Pinterest about drawing with sharpie marker onto mugs and then fixing the design. The idea sat in my head, and when I was making glass stitch markers I had a moment when I wondered if something could work.

Stitch markers that you can doodle on. Stitch markers that you can make your own.

Some of the Pinterest suggestions indicated that drawing on a mug with Sharpie marker wasn’t dishwasher proof. I’ve never felt the need to wash any stitch marker I own, but I did want to make sure that these would stand up to being handled, so having doodled with standard sharpie pens I put the stitch markers into a 175 Degree C oven for 30 minutes. Turns out that I could rub the design off with very little effort.

So back to the drawing board – and Posca pens. You can wipe the designs off, so if you make a mistake it’s not a problem – but bake then in a 160 degree C oven for 30 minutes and the designs are well and truly fixed. I even ran a couple through the dish washer to check.

I had lots of fun.IMG_1236

I made stitch markers in honour of one of my favourite hat designers – Woolly Wormhead.


Stitch markers to celebrate a sock designer whose work keeps my needles happily busy – Rachel Coopey aka CoopKnits


Stitch markers to remind me of a blogger who always makes me think and smile – a fabulous combination. Thanks Rachel.


Stitch markers inspired by a podcast that I’ve been enjoying – A Playful Day


And stitch markers with doodles.


If you’d like to have a go you can buy blank glass stitch markers , and if you’d like an easier life we can even sell you the right pen. The stitch markers and pens will both be in this Friday’s update.

Happy doodling.

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4 Responses to Make your own stitch markers

  1. Oh, I love these. I always need reminding when to k2tog or ssh so these would be perfect.

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