Giostra Hat

Sometimes knitting seems hard. It doesn’t work out quite how you hoped. It does odd things. The pattern seems baffling.

And sometimes you come across gems like the Giostra hat from Woolly Wormhead and you remember why knitting is such an absolute joy.

I’d set aside a skein of Blue Faced Leicester chunky roving for this design, thinking that I could play with the needle sizes if I needed to to get the right gauge – but the needles specified worked perfectly. It’s the ocean colourway, and more is scheduled for the dye pots in time for this Friday’s shop update.

So on Saturday afternoon I sat down with this.IMG_1089

A couple of hours later I had this



As with all of Woolly’s designs, the instructions are blissfully clear. This hat features a cabled cast on, and the explanation and line drawings made it a breeze. I made the 20 inch size and used 62 grams of my skein, so there’s plenty of yarn to knit even the largest size.

The design is included in Painted Woolly Toppers. You can order the e-book now – all of the details can be found here.

I’m off to look for some more yarn so I can cast on hat number 2.

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3 Responses to Giostra Hat

  1. bonnyknits says:

    Beautiful hat!! Perfect combination of pattern and yarn!

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