Taking It Easy

My original plan with the clubs was to knit vanilla socks with the seaside yarns and to make the actual club patterns with the semi solid socks.

That got off to a good start in January when I breezed through Abricot socks – and then fell to bits when I had fit issues with the All Aboard socks. Just one of those things – and always a possibility with designs with unusual construction.

So when I wound up the March yarns I decided I’d whizz through 2 pairs of plain socks, then get onto pattern. Sometimes it feels like I make plans so I can look back and wonder what I was thinking. We ended up doing quite a bit of travelling at the start of April and I needed something I could knit without needing a pattern. I’d already realised I needed tiny needles (1.5mm – yes really) for the heel flap of The Sciemce club design so I decided to preserve my sanity and give myself some easy knitting.


Vanilla socks, slip stitch heel flap. Mindless pleasure.


I have however cast on the Toria sock design from Rachel Coopey so there will be one patterned sock done – and in May I’m hoping to get both patterned socks knitted.

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