5 more reasons to knit socks

My first 10 reasons are here

Here are 5 more

1. Sock yarn isn’t stash. Therefore it does not count in any calculations about yarn diets.
2. Vanilla socks are the perfect knitting mediatation.
3. You’ll end up with socks that money just can’t buy. Custom fit socks that hug and cherish your feet. Bliss.
4. There’s a yarn for every sock and a sock for every yarn. Herdwick for hiking socks. Cashmere for bed socks.
5. Cold feet are miserable. Anything which prevents this is a good thing.

Why do you knit socks?

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3 Responses to 5 more reasons to knit socks

  1. You had me at 1. 😉

  2. So, taking #1 into account, I really have practically no yarn – must go shopping… 😉

  3. Sharon says:

    6 Socks are ideal ‘travel knitting’, provided the pattern isn’t too complicated.

    7 Socks are ideal ‘hot weather knitting’ – should you live anywhere that has hot weather!

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