Shop Update 03.04.15

Happy Easter.

No chocolate or eggs here – but lots and lots of gorgeous yarn.

First up is some bold self striping Britsock.

 photo IMG_0951_zps8sdzdgsc.jpg

Just Because.

Named because I saw these colours next to each other on the shelf and couldn’t resist them. I’ve put a skein of this into my knitting box, and it’s going to be an On the Edge shawl.

 photo IMG_0952_zpsf8l3ydks.jpg


 photo IMG_0953_zpsnm0qmteb.jpg


 photo IMG_0954_zpse6z8hdob.jpg

For the Brave

Yes it’s loud. Yes the colours clash. Yes, I really love this colourway.

 photo IMG_0955_zpsi21t1a4z.jpg


Then some bold self striping on our British wool and nylon base

 photo IMG_0961_zpsgaww8nxh.jpg

Just Because

 photo IMG_0957_zpsg1c1o7cc.jpg


 photo IMG_0959_zpsbj9phrsk.jpg

For the Brave

 photo IMG_0960_zps8quxjvoy.jpg


Then a couple of our most popular colours in 4ply British wool and nylon

 photo IMG_0963_zps82jg38sk.jpg

Flower Power

 photo IMG_0962_zpsnc8vmven.jpg


Next up are semi solid colours in 4ply British wool and nylon. There are several new colours as well as a restock of some which have sold out.

 photo IMG_0964_zpsbhmfidi4.jpg

Light Mauve

 photo IMG_0965_zpslbszbtre.jpg


 photo IMG_0966_zps2ygd2vu5.jpg


 photo IMG_0968_zpsruxz1gqk.jpg

Electric Blue

 photo IMG_0969_zpsrerukbwd.jpg


 photo IMG_0970_zpsxqikwpor.jpg


 photo IMG_0971_zps4l1gdc5f.jpg


 photo IMG_0972_zpsncmjguyu.jpg

Chocolate Caramel

 photo IMG_0973_zpstm8uljvn.jpg

Taupe. This looks like a warm grey in some lights and a greyish brown in others. It’s gorgeous.

 photo IMG_0974_zpsx023ubue.jpg


Finally for this week there are lots of mini skein sets.

 photo IMG_0985_zpshxbt65jk.jpg

Shades of Green

 photo IMG_0988_zpskboueo7v.jpg

Shades of Blue

 photo IMG_0987_zpsf23jgvrr.jpg

Shades of Violet

 photo IMG_0992_zps19ck0dqn.jpg

Shades of Pink

 photo IMG_0998_zpskarjlyku.jpg


 photo IMG_0995_zps3btfofpe.jpg

Blackened Rainbow

 photo IMG_0984_zpssoz0ryki.jpg

Dipped Rainbow.

Each skein has had one end overdyed in black

 photo IMG_0991_zpswsjfkk2f.jpg

Stepped Rainbow.

Red and orange, orange and yellow, yellow and green – and so on until violet and red

The yarns shown above will be in the shop at 1900 on Friday 3rd April.

Happy shopping. What will you make?


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