The End of Goddess Points

When we set up the Goddess Points reward scheme we knew that we wanted a way to reward our loyal customers. It’s been a huge success and lots of you have enjoyed using discount vouchers in the shop or donating the value of your points to charity.

So why change things?

We’ve had a look at how many of you use your Goddess Points to get a discount in the shop against how many of you use them to make a donation to charity. More than two thirds of the codes we issue end up being donated to charity. That’s fantastic, and I’m thrilled that our chosen charities benefit in this way. However, we could achieve the same thing with a lot less admin time, and that would be fantastic.

What will change?

From Thursday 2nd of April we’ll no longer be giving out Goddess Points when you order. Instead there will be a new way to earn discounts and donate to charity. We’ll be running that through the weekly newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter here.

What about existing discount codes?

We’ll honour all existing discount codes for a year from when they were issued, then we’ll donate their value to the charities chosen by the Knitting Goddesses (and Gods) group on Ravelry.

What about existing points?

For the next 3 months (so until Monday 1st July) we’re happy to turn your existing Goddess Points into either a discount or charity donation for you. If you’d like the discount then put the word DISCOUNT in the customer notes section when you check out. We’ll refund 5 pence for each Goddess Point you have. If you want to check how much your discount would be, drop me an email to theknittinggoddess AT btinternet DOT com

If you’d like the value of your points to be donated to charity then you can let me know by replying to the email you’ll receive in the next couple of days. We’re emailing everyone who has Goddess Points to let them know about this change, so everyone will know what is happening.On Tuesday 2nd of July we’ll add up all of the remaining Goddess Points and donate 5 pence for each to our three chosen charities.

What now?

If you haven’t already signed up for our weekly newsletter, sign up to keep make sure you receive our special subscriber only offers and discounts.

Any questions?

Email me – theknittinggoddess AT btinternet DOT com – and I’ll be happy to answer and queries.

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