Shop Update 20.03.15

Part 2 of this week’s update is all about the Britsock.

You can find part 1 here

First up a restock of semi solid colours

 photo IMG_0887_zpszxfh2e76.jpg


 photo IMG_0888_zpsllqyi9pq.jpg


 photo IMG_0889_zps7iuq2fun.jpg


 photo IMG_0890_zpsbc5hbkst.jpg


 photo IMG_0893_zpsob7mq9xq.jpg


 photo IMG_0891_zpsfy9yds70.jpg

Orange Sorbet

 photo IMG_0892_zps5ruvy62r.jpg


Then a couple of multi colours

 photo IMG_0894_zpsgmpryuur.jpg</


 photo IMG_0895_zpseos50ghe.jpg

From The Depths

Finally for this week some new Take Five sets

 photo IMG_0903_zpsdktau5vv.jpg

From Green to Pink

 photo IMG_0899_zpszl1yztp4.jpg

From Red to Walnut

 photo IMG_0901_zpsjalzblow.jpg

From Blue to Turquoise

 photo IMG_0904_zpsinqtvf4d.jpg

From Pink to Turquoise

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The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 20th March.

Happy shopping. What will you make?

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