Caffeine Hit

It’s fair to say that living in Harrogate leaves us spoiled for choice for great places to go for coffee and cake. I get a fair few emails from people who are visiting asking for suggestions, so here are 3 of my favourites.

There’s the famous Betty’s – ideal if you want traditionally clad waitresses. The downside is that it’s tourist central.

There’s Baltzersen’s – a Scandanavian inspired cafe (and also restaurant in the evening when it becomes Norse). The coffee is good, but the real point of Baltzersen’s is the cake. Or the waffles. Or the sultana boller. The sultana boller may well make you turn your nose up at ever other teacake you are ever offered. Then there are the cinnamon buns. So good that it’s very rare that Bobbie will eat anything else, no matter how good the other options.


If it’s all about the coffee then Bean and Bud and Harrogate is hard to beat. These guys managed to rekindle my love of coffee with the amazing areopress – it’s coffee with an amazingly clean taste. Bliss. There’s a great selection of coffees and teas – and hot chocolates from vanilla to extra dark.


Finally there’s the perfect place for italian hot chocolate and a zeppole (that would be a doughnut but better. much, much better) – Stuzzi. Also the home of amazing pasta, sandwiches, pudding and cocktails – there’s a lot to love. They don’t have a website, but you’ll find them on facebook and twitter – and on Kings Road just up from the conference centre if you happen to be in town.


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