Shop Update 06.03.15

There’s a select update this week – small but very perfectly formed.

First up some new sock yarns in variegated colours

 photo IMG_0824_zpsbbfhgijy.jpg

Laughing Herdwick

The name comes from a photo which one of my friends shared – a Herwick sheep with some blue dye. It reminded me of the colours I’d been working with. I’d completely forgotten that I’d added some orange to the mix……

 photo IMG_0825_zpsurhdg7no.jpg


 photo IMG_0826_zpshbptrjzp.jpg

Berry Swirl

 photo IMG_0827_zpsd3wmaz90.jpg

Indian Summer

The same colourways are also self striping yarns.

These are the Britsock versions

 photo IMG_0832_zps9o9tqjii.jpg

Laughing Herdwick

 photo IMG_0829_zpsupe2m5yb.jpg


 photo IMG_0828_zpsubh0cik4.jpg

Berry Swirl

 photo IMG_0831_zpscjasnfxo.jpg

Indian Summer

Then the British wool and nylon versions

 photo IMG_0833_zpsw9rhaqyk.jpg

Laughing Herdwick

 photo IMG_0834_zpstjqaduwl.jpg


 photo IMG_0835_zpsuy0xol33.jpg

Berry Swirl

 photo IMG_0836_zpseomoppx3.jpg

Indian Summer

Finally for this week some new Take Five sets. These are a little different from the shades of sets in that they start with one colour and transition to another in a series of steps.

 photo IMG_0845_zpswuqiba7h.jpg

From Blue To Violet

 photo IMG_0843_zpsklpmqjzi.jpg

From Chocolate to Turquoise

 photo IMG_0848_zpsgc7jtrp3.jpg

From Green to Raspberry

 photo IMG_0847_zpsrqjlweio.jpg

From Blue to Green

The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday. What’s your favourite?

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