March 2015 clubs

The March 2015 club parcels were sent on the 27th of February for UK customers and a little earlier for those with further to travel. So I hope I won’t be spoiling any surprises by showing you what March club members received.

The pudding club colour is Plum Crumble


That’s the Britsock version – I’ve decided that that’s going to be my yarn for this year.


The pattern is called Toria and it’s designed by Rachel Coopey It will be available to buy from 1st June
Image copyright Rachel Coopey

The science club yarn is called Twisting Round.


The pattern is called And There Was Photo 51 and it’s designed by Aurelie Colas. It will be available to buy from 1st June.
aureli sock mar

Image copyright Aurelie Colas.

If you’d like to join the pudding and science clubs and receive the May parcels you can sign up here.

The seaside club has been lots of fun to dye as it’s allowed me to spend plenty of time on Pinterest and claim that I’m working.

The warm seaside colour is called Limpet


I was inspired by this beautiful illustration.


The cool seaside colour is called Sea Holly


The colours were inspired by a one of my favourite plants.

sea holly

If you’d like to sign up for the seaside club and receive the May parcels you can do so here.

Finally the mini skein clubs.

First the two semi solid colour selections.



Finally the two multi coloured options.



The March mini skein club is completely sold out, but you can sign up for May here.

Now I’ve got lots of knitting to enjoy – bring on the weekend!

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