Again and Again and Again

I’ve been making lampwork beads for quite a while, and it feels like ages since I’ve taken a lesson with anyone.

So in a moment of madness I’ve signed up to do a class with J C Herrell in July. J C Herrell makes amazing with beautiful lines drawn with hair thin rods of glass called stringers. My attempts with stringers are prone to end up with a blobby mess.

There’s now the minor detail of fitting in enough practice to make sure I get the best out of the class.

So I’m going to stick the odd blog post up and post pictures of some sample beads. In the next month I need to make at least 100 beads decorated with stringer. In a month’s time I’ll post a picture here, and offer someone the chance to own what I’m sure will be best described as some interesting beads!

How to you motivate yourself to brush up your skills?

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2 Responses to Again and Again and Again

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  2. As a new customer, a newbie sock knitter and a long time lampworker, its nice to find someone (even relatively close geographically – I’m in Helmsley) who shares the same odd collection of interests. I am also a plein air painter – but only in fair weather!

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